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I've been in a relationship with my husband for fifteen years now, as we were going out for five years before we actually got married. Things were great back then and they continued to be great right until a few years ago. I've noticed he isn't the same person when it comes to sexual relations anymore. I had been working all day as a secretary and when I'd get home I'd always cook dinner, and then all we would do was watch television and go to bed. I couldn't stand this boring routine any longer, and decided to quit my job in order to do something that I liked, but even though I'm a teacher now, I realized the big problem was the lack of sex.

A few months ago I came back home late from work and my husband was already asleep, I woke him up but he just go annoyed and went back to sleep. I couldn't bear my frustrating sex life any longer, and got on the Internet in the search of a dating site where I could meet men for extramarital sex. I couldn't find anything worthwhile and was just about to go to bed until I came across I had never been on a sex dating website before, but decided to try my luck and registered for the site. I quickly uploaded a photo of myself and created a short profile where I clearly stated that I was ‘looking for men to cheat on my husband with.' I couldn't believe my eyes, when within minutes I received several alerts and messages from different men who wanted to meet me.

I checked out some of their profiles and began chatting with a guy. He told me that he lacked enjoyment in his sex life as well so we already had something in common to talk about. We began to flirt and out of the blue he asked me whether I'd like to meet him at his place for a coffee. I asked him ‘what right now?' and he replied ‘yes'. He gave me his address and although I hesitated at first I remembered all the nuisances I had to put up with, with my boring husband. I really wanted to cheat on him, not only to enjoy myself but also to get him back. I looked into the bedroom and he was snoring away, so I decided to call a taxi and met up with my sex contact. We hit it off straight away, and after some champagne we got into bed and had the time of our lives.

We shagged like I hadn't in years, and had heaps of orgasms, that I actually forgot count. Do you think I thought about my husband for one second? Not at all, as instead I was thinking about how to satisfy my new date to the max. We performed all kinds of sex acts, including regular and anal sex, role play and even bondage. It was incredible. We have been enjoying ourselves during discrete sexual encounters at least twice a week now, and my husband hasn't the slightest clue. My sex life is incredible now, as once in a while we also meet other couples for swinging, and even other men and women for crazy threesomes and group sex. I owe everything to, because my sex life is now better than it has ever been. I highly recommend the sex dating website for all you men and women who are seeking extramarital sex!

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